Barcelona Principles for a Globally Inclusive Philosophy

EPSA and EJPS endorse the 'Barcelona Principles for a Globally Inclusive Philosophy’ (, acknowledging and fostering the richness and diversity of philosophy of science in Europe. We strive to make EPSA meetings and the refereeing process of EJPS as inclusive as possible, using English as a useful vehicular language, not as a filter or barrier to limit presentation of ideas of philosophers whose first language is not English.

EPSA Biennial Conferences

The EPSA holds a major conference every other year (alternating with the PSA), typically in mid-Sepember. Calls for papers and other proposed sessions typically go out about a year before the conference. These calls are advertised here. The proceedings are published in a topical collection of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science. Information about the upcoming conference can be found below.

EPSA25 biennial conference in Groningen

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EPSA23 biennial conference in Belgrade

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EPSA21 biennial conference in Turin

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EPSA19 biennial conference in Geneva

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EPSA17 biennial conference in Exeter

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