Ukraine: a statement of the Steering Committee of EPSA

11 Mar 2022 11:45 | EPSA (Administrator)

(updated on 17 Mar 2022 11:15)

The Steering Committee of EPSA stands, together with other academic societies and scholarly organisations, and the academic world at large, in support of the suffering people of Ukraine and their families and friends all over Europe and elsewhere. We also express our support to Russian colleagues who oppose the war, often at great personal risk.

Scientific research is only possible through collaborations with our colleagues from across the globe, thereby building on a mutual commitment to and belief in universal human rights, dignity and equality. EPSA will always strive for a plural and diversified research community, which is committed to those values. We reiterate the critical role of science diplomacy in fostering the global endeavours of science and scholarship, and supporting individuals pursuing research, often already under restricted conditions. We must not let war divide us. We therefore call on all universities, institutes, and academic institutions around the world to open their doors to students, researchers, and academics from Ukraine, and advocate for continued cooperation with Russian and Belarusian individual scholars sharing those values.

We will do our best to alleviate the negative implications of this war for the professional life of our members, and we are committed to assisting international students and scholars leaving zones of conflict in Ukraine. All refugees of war, independent of their passport and race, should receive protection, support and offers of humanitarian assistance. EPSA is currently working towards extending its Fellowship program to include researchers at any level of seniority who have been affected by the war. Opportunities for financial and institutional support will be announced on our website as soon as we confirm participation from potential hosting institutions. For suggestions or inquiries, please write to

For an updated list of relevant resources and events, please go to the excellent site maintained by the Eastern European Network for Philosophy of Science: 

The EPSA supports the statement by our colleagues in the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) and notes their effort to also assist scholars displaced by the war.

The statement is available in PDF format here.

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