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Dimensions of Applied Mathematics

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GUEST EDITORS: Matthew W. Parker, Davide Rizza

TITLE: Dimensions of Applied Mathematics

SUBMISSIONS PERIOD: (DEADLINE EXTENDED) 1 May 2020 until 31 July 2020.

SYNOPSIS: Philosophical interest in the application of mathematics has usually been connected to indispensability arguments or Wigner’s famous puzzle of ‘unreasonable effectiveness’. In both cases the success of mathematical applications has been taken as a  starting point for philosophical reflection and, as a result, little attention has been paid to the practice of applying mathematics in the course of scientific enquiry. This special issue is devoted to exploring the latter, relatively neglected topic. The study of applied mathematics as a complex of activities integral to scientific enquiry naturally revolves around three distinctive themes. First, applications of mathematics respond to specific problems within specific research contexts and are thus historically situated. Second, the application of mathematics is controlled by the content of scientific problems, which may demand the creation of novel formal instruments or methods, or novel adaptations of existing ones to the purpose at hand. Third, the application of mathematics may be possible and useful only under distinctive limitations and restrictions due to the lack of a smooth fit between formal resources and empirical problems. 

The three themes just listed identify what may be called the historical, foundational and practical dimension of applied mathematics respectively. We encourage submissions, especially from non-mainstream areas of philosophy of science and/or from under-represented groups, discussing any of the dimensions of applied mathematics.

The guest editors have invited scholars from diverse fields to submit a paper, including: Christian Carman (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina) ; Mirna Džamonja (Paris 1 and University of East Anglia, UK) ; Nicolas Fillion (Simon Fraser University, Canada) ; Julie Jebeile (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) ; Gabriele Lolli (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy) ; Miles McLeod (University of Twente, Netherlands) ; Matthew Parker (LSE, UK) ; Maria Serban (TU Berlin, Germany) ; Kateřina Trlifajová (Charles University, Czech Republic) ; Sandra Visokolskis (with Hector Gervan) (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina).

AUTHOR INSTRUCTIONS: Submissions should be no longer that 8,000 words, including notes, abstract, acknowledgements, and references.  Longer papers will have to meet proportionally higher standards for​ publication and will only be considered if their content warrants the additional length.

To submit, upload your manuscript (anonymised for peer review) via the journal’s EMS, which will be open for submissions to this collection between 1 and 30 June 2020. Please select the Topical Collection Dimensions of Applied Mathematics.

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